The Shookies band from Brno was formed in a coffee shop in a Czech town called Vysoke Myto where a few people met sharing the same musical feeling and lust to create something together. They’ve risen from busking in parks to playing in clubs and at festivals inspired by international artists of folk rock and acoustic rock. In 2014, they released their first debut album called Great Test Hits. Even though some members of the band have left and others joined, the band has kept their original style and sound. However, they are not afraid to remain open to different genres and to experiment. They’re considering their recent performance to be their latest biggest success. They were supporting Glen Hansard and Interference’s concert at the Jazz Tibet Club in Olomouc. Second album Sooner or Later was release in 2019.

Filip Burš – lead vocal, guitar
Tomáš Karlík –  guitar, vocal
Miroslav Jurčík – piano, vocal
Ondřej Karlík – bass guitar, vocal
Martin Kreuziger – drums, percussion
Anna Hrbáčková – violin, vocal

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